3. Comb your own hair down over the Hair Extension and gently comb to blend hair

2. Comb end of clip on base of hair near parting and press down on comb. Tip: for better grip, tease base of hair, then snap in comb. This prevents the comb from slipping.

How to remove hair extension

Simply open the clip by gently pulling backwards until you hear the clip release. Then gently remove the section being careful not to pull your hair. NEVER attempt to slide them out without first opening the clip grips.

Care and Maintenance

Wash only if necessary. Hand Wash and condition with mild shampoo and conditioner. Use shampoo sparingly. Gently shampoo and condition stroking downward from clip base to ends. Do not twist, scrub, or rub the extension. Gently towel blot to remove excess water. Hang or lay flat to dry.

Blow Dryers and Heating Irons must be used on LOW Settings only

How to attach Hair 'n Flair Extension:

1. Open the clip on your hair extension. Locate the area where you want to insert. Part straight line about 1/2 inch from part. Note: if you have thicker hair, you may not need to part as much hair as with thinner hair to obtain coverage of the snap comb.

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